RJS Winemaking Restricted Quantities
RJS Winemaking Restricted Quantities

RJS Winemaking Restricted Quantities


Germany and Italy are home to some of the world’s most vibrant and iconic art styles. These old-world countries are colored by a deep, rich history of architecture, signature art movements and famous landmarks which have influenced countless artists over the centuries.

Introducing RQ24’s Arte, a classic collection of crafted wines that are sure to inspire the artist in you!

Toast each masterfully rendered varietal – stylized by recognizable landmarks and signature artistic styles inspired by their country’s incredible art history.

Due to the popularity of these varieties and restricted availability, sales must be made on a reservation basis. The program has sold out the last several years, so we highly recommend ordering yours early. This unique product is only available for a short time.
Note: High Gravity will NOT be ordering extra kits. We only order the number that have been reserved.
How to Pre Order
  • The deadline for the 2024 Restricted Quantity wines is Thursday, October 26, 2023
  • Place your pre-order on the phone or by ordering kits from our website.
  • Orders ship when the kit becomes available.
  • Orders must be paid at time of ordering.

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