Seasonal Release Wine Kits
Seasonal Release Wine Kits

Special Release Wine Kits

Here's how the limited release programs work for those of you new to it. Every year wine kit manufacturers announces special wines that are released only during the month specified. 
Due to the popularity of these wines and because they are only produced for the year they are announced, these kits must be pre-ordered.

Note: High Gravity will NOT be ordering extra kits. We will only order the number that have been pre-ordered.

How to Pre Order

  • Pre-orders MUST be received by by the date listed for the kit in the description details.
  • Please note that delivery dates are an estimate and delivery may not be in the exact time frame listed.
  • Place your pre-order on the phone or by ordering kits from our website.
  • Orders ship when the kit becomes available.
  • Orders must be paid at time of ordering.



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