September 7


07:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Pippin's Taproom at High Gravity

6808 S Memorial Dr Ste 144

Tulsa, OK, United States, 74133

Join Dave and Desiree for the first in their “movies they’ve never seen” series.

Yes. You read that right. Dave and Desiree have never seen the Big Lebowski. Crazy we know but you can participate in correcting this great embarrassment.

Along with the screening we will debut our take on a White Russian. We are calling it “This Aggression will not Stand, Man”.

Light in color, this beer uses milk sugar, vanilla beans, and fresh coffee beans from Double Shot, our favorite Tulsa roaster. Push that beer through our nitro feed and you have a creamy finish that will make you think we added Kahlua and fresh cream.

So, wear your Big Lebowski shirts, beanies, or whatever Dude and we will see you in the Taproom.