May 20


07:00 pm

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High Gravity Brewing Company and Pippin's Taproom

6808 S Memorial Dr Ste 144

Tulsa, OK, United States, 74133

Comedians perform their sets while dice rolls determine what twists, punishments, and rewards lay in their path.
Some rolls will make the show easier, some will make it way more difficult.
So join our brave heroes as they traverse this interesting and unique quest. They may gain a necklace that turns the microphone off, might find a magic conch shell that makes a loud noise (that sounds a lot like an audience booing), they might roll a nat1 and their set ends instantly, or they may even have to fight enemies! This is an unpredictable show that will leave you wanting more!

We’ll see you on May 20th at Saving Throw, Tulsa’s only role-playing based comedy show!

Free entry.
You do no have to be 21 to attend.

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