Build Your Own Extract Beer

Build Your Own Extract Beer

Select the grains, hops, adjuncts, spices and yeast for your beer.

Grains can be added in pounds and ounces. Simply select the quantity in pounds and 'Add to Bundle', then if ounces are needed you can switch to ounces from the drop-down menu, select the desired quantity and 'Add to Bundle' again.

For additional details you can click on the Quick View button when you hover over the product image.

The Bundle banner can be minimized so it doesn't take up so much window space. Simply maximize it when you are ready to add your beer to the cart.

The only required entry is letting us know if you want the grains crushed.

You can even name your beer!

Please use only whole numbers in the quantity field.

Please note that the grains selected for the Build Your Own Beer kits are mixed. If you do not want your grains mixed then you will need to order them separately from the Product Catalog.

Please wait for a few seconds on the checkout page so the products can be loaded into your cart.