Raise the Flag Contest Rules


  1. Beers entered will be evaluated against Dead Armadillo’s Tulsa Flag Blonde Ale and will be judged by Tony Peck, owner of Dead Armadillo, and Dave & Desiree Knott, owners of High Gravity Fermentations.
  2. Raise the Flag Homebrew Contest is open to new brewers, defined as brewers that have been brewing for less than one year.
  3. The Tulsa Flag beer must be brewed from the Tulsa Flag Extract Ingredient Kit. You can purchase the starter kit that includes the ingredients or purchase the kit by itself. 
  4. Contest judging will be held on March 23rd starting at 5pm at Dead Armadillo Brewing Company. Contestants need to bring two 12 oz bottles (or the equivalent). Arrive an hour early to register your beers.
  5. In order to ensure all entries were brewed with the same ingredients, entries will be confirmed during check-in by providing a proof of purchase of either the starter equipment kit or ingredient kit. This can be a printed, texted, or email receipt.
  6. There will be a first, second, and third place winner. Prizes will be awarded to all winners with a "trophy" to the winner.