High Gravity Brewing Company

Dave and Desiree Knott founded High Gravity Fermentations, a homebrew and winemaking retail store, in 2004. When the shop had to change locations in 2017, the extra space enabled them to pursue the dream of starting High Gravity Brewing Company and brewing beer for the masses.

High Gravity Brewing Company serves delicious libations on 11 rotating taps, plus a beer on our nitro tap. Bottles are occasionally available for sale in the taproom as well, in limited releases. Our brewery dedicated to brewing essential styles, flawlessly executed. Of course that doesn’t stop us from brewing a watermelon gose or a s’more stout with toasted marshmallows. Experimentation and funky flavors are part of the passion.


We are a family.

The brewery is truly a family business. Dave and Desiree Knott, the owners, take care of the day to day operations of the brewery and the homebrew store. You know, the boring stuff. Paying bills, maintaining the website, doing a horrid job of marketing, etc… (Dave and Desiree get to brew when the kids aren’t around, like when they had Olivia, Dave and Desiree’s third grandchild, or when the kids went to California for a much needed vacation.)

Their daughter, Amanda Schley, is the workhorse, the glue that keeps things working. She runs the retail side of the business, is a key player in the recipe formulation, and makes sure that beers are flowing. She even gets to brew a batch or two between all that.

Tim, the main brewer, is our son-in-law. He is our manual labor, expert on water adjustments, a great brewer, and a lover of New England IPA’s. (We have to remind him there are others styles out there…)

Joshua, the newest addition and the one employee not a literal family member to High Gravity, immediately fit right in, answering brewing questions and filling orders on the retail side, to canning and serving beers in the Taproom. He’s quickly become an valued member of the team.

We also have our extended family of helpers and fellow beers lovers that complete the picture of our amazing company. We couldn’t do it with out them.

Dave and Desiree Knott, Owners of High Gravity Brewing Company

Tim Schley, Head-Brewer and Son-in-Law

Amanda Schley, General Manager and Daughter

The Schley Clan!

Joshua Smith

Our Jack-of-all-Trades and newest addition to the High Gravity family.

Pippin’s Taproom

The taproom inside High Gravity is lovingly named Pippin’s Taproom, after a dear African Grey parrot who kept them company for many years. Pippin’s Taproom is a great place to get together with friends, and to bring the kids. Events in the taproom includes trivia, games, karaoke, and more.

Come see us for South Tulsa’s most unique craft beer experience.